Association and Owner Responsibilities

Association                                                Owner

Dwelling Exterior                                Dwelling Interior
Garage Exteriors, Except Doors       Garage Doors, Floors & Threshold *
Front Porch                                        Patios & Rear Porches
Border Fencing                                  Patio & Privacy Fencing
Window Framing  & Trim                  Windows *
Door Framing & Trim                         Doors, Storm Doors *
Vinyl Chimney Surround                    Chimney & Metal Chimney Caps
Brick & Wood Siding                          Fireplace Flues & Chimney Flues
Attic Framing                                      Skylights *
Attic Insulation                                    Interior Drywall Cracks
Attic Soffit & Roof Vents                    Furnace, A/C & Water Heater Systems
Unit Firewalls                                      Interior Fixtures
Unit Foundation                                  Telephone & Security Systems
Sidewalks & Exterior Steps               Irrigation Systems
Retaining Walls                                   Awnings
Roof, Gutter & Downspout Repair    Street Lights
Ponds & Bubblers & Fountains
Exterior Water Faucets
Community Signs
Roads, Driveways & Sealing            

* Owners are responsible for all parts that normally come with window, door &
skylight kits.